Hillbilly Hammer

Friday, April 29th 5PM

 Saturday, April 30th 6:15PM


Bass player -Troy Graves

Lead guitarist - Josh Bertrand

Drummer - Stan Saxon

Singer/guitarist - Aaron Holt


Hillbilly Hammer is a group of guys that have been playing together for long enough to be tight and comfortable at the same time.


Every member of the band is a professional musician, and writer. Hillbilly Hammer is about music and a show that does not revolve soley around a front man.They are about the whole band creating a sound and a performance that do their recordings justice and then some.


Troy Graves is the grandson to bluegrass legend Uncle Josh Graves and is no stranger to music in a pro setting.The Nashville native has been on or around the stage in one capacity or another since birth and has no plans of stopping soon. He picked up the Bass guitar for his father a few years back but will still pick up a dobro on occasion.


Josh Bertrand moved to Nashville from Louisiana and began to tour almost immediatly despite the fact he was too young to get into the clubs and casinos he was playing. He currently plays steel guitar for the Toby Keith Band as well as Hillbilly Hammer.


Stan "Stanimal" Saxon is from unknown parts of the Oklahoma Hills, much is a mystery about this elusive groove monster possibly due to a wide spread fear to approach the masterful percussionist/writer/singer but mostly because he hasnt sent me his Biography information.


Last but not least, Aaron Holt is a West Virginia native that is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades master of none. He is a drummer, guitarist and songwriter who says he is having the time of his life with the newly formed HILLBILLY HAMMER..."We have played together off and on for years but writing together for a record is super cool and fun."



More information on the band can be found here.